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How to welcome Ramadan?


We, in Ramadan, can almost view the panorama from beyond this world and listen to the melody of Firdaws. An integrated faith of the religion of the hearts; in fact, a life led in belief, an appreciation of the divine meaning, blessed affection and spiritual gratification are also considered to be among the essential elements of this melody. Those who can color their lives with these components shall find themselves experiencing an abundance of delight and enthusiasm beyond which it is impossible to imagine. In other words, such blessings could be seen to be God’s rewards, granted in advance to those who are inclining towards Him with all their hearts, or a feeling of the nucleus of Paradise placed in the essence of faith. As for the genuine pleasure-without-sorrow and unending happiness, these do not belong to this mortal world; they will be offered as God’s holy gift to the souls who are able to reach the final stop with a heart assured of its fate, in another realm. Continues…

M. Fethullah Gulen

Ramadan, with its own original tone, its light and mystery, makes all of us appreciate the spiritual riches hidden within ourselves, and feeds our starving hearts with heavenly gifts, gifts that stand open at all times, even to the darkest souls, and it continues to cool our souls through the heavenly breezes and removes all the hatred in our hearts with its blessed atmosphere. Continues…

Occurring in a totally unconventional manner during the night, and with a special brightness during the day, the days of Ramadan pass, communicating a speical aura to the hearts, reuniting those parts of society that have fallen out of touch…

Every sound during Ramadan resonates with a promise of a new start, just as every breath gives us a glimpse of a hope for salvation. Iftar dinners (breaking the fast) appear on our horizon with implications for the “grand meeting,” while whispering some secrets into our soul.

Ramadan, above all, is the month of the Qur’an; in this regard even the ones who have distanced themselves from the Qur’an throughout the year, those who are parched with…


The pleasant nights of Ramadan receive warmest welcome from all souls. Eyes look more deeply in them and people feel deeper love for each other. Everyone desires to do good to everyone and passions and ill-feeling are subjugated to a certain extent.

With their profound, spiritual breezes, every sound and breath of air in Ramadan announces in a most exalted and exhilarating style all the pleasures we would like to taste in life and the hopes of good we deeply cherish.


Hadiths about Ramadan

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) reported that Allah (cc) said that ‘Every worship of mankind is for themselves but fasting. However fasting is absolutely for me, and I am the One who gives incentives for it.’ (Buhari, Savm,9;  Muslim, Siyam,163)
The ‘sahur’ of Ramadan fasting is a circumcision of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Children must join ‘sahur’ and ‘iftar’ to feel the spiritual atmosphere of it even if they are not fasting due to their age. “It is essential to do ‘sahur’, because there are prosperity and abundance in it.” (Buhari,Savm,20; Muslim, Siyam, 45)
Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has said: Ramadan is the month, whose beginning is mercy, the middle is forgiveness and its end is emancipation from the hell.

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has said: In the month of Ramadan, doors of Hell are chained and doors of Paradise are opened.
The person who prays Taraweeh with strong belief and wishes all the mitzvahs from Allah is endowed form all past sins. (Sahih-i Buhari, Sahih-i Müslim)

Every day of Ramadan is important, but the last 10 is the most. He (pbuh) has advised to search the night of Kadr in these days, and spend time with worship.“The night of Kadr is more blessed then one thousand months.” (Surah Kadr, 97/3)        

Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has advised about the way how they say dua in the night of Kadr that “ My God! You are the best forgiving, like to forgive, please forgive me.” (Sünen-i Tirmizi) 

Source: http://www.islamicteaching.info/articles/hadith-about-ramadan/








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