Do Muslims believe in man being created in the image of God?

Do you believe that man is created in the image of God?
Muslims do not believe man is created in the image of God’s essence. God does not physically look like human beings or have the inherent limitations of humanity. He does not have arms and legs as we do, nor is He of flesh and blood. The Qur’an reveals that God is not like any of His creatures in essence. [QUR’AN, 112:1–4]
On the other hand, God has created human beings with attributes
similar to those of His own, but in a very limited fashion. This is highlighted in the verse, “…I have made him (Adam) complete and breathed into him of My spirit…” [QUR’AN, 15:29] Notwithstanding the fact that Islam clearly rules out any assertion that may suggest the divinity of any human being, it also allows that the human being possesses the perfect and infinite attributes of God in a limited and finite fashion, so we can get to know God.
As human beings we only know and comprehend things in terms of opposites, such as hot-cold, positive-negative, and so on. But God does not have any opposites. For us to comprehend God he has embedded in us attributes similar to His own. We use our attributes
as a unit of measure to understand the absolute, eternal and perfect
attributes of God. For example, we only see the seven colours of the spectrum at a certain distance. When we reflect on the fact that the universe ticks in perfect order in spite of its size, we can truly understand that God is All-Seeing in order that He can govern everything
in the universe. Through our limited artistic and creative skills, we can comprehend the matchless Artistry and Creativity of God.
Knowledge of God is essential as it leads to love of God. We cannot love someone we do not know. Lack of knowledge of God will result in a very superficial and pretentious claim to love God. God has endowed us with the right tools to reach to the higher stations of knowing and loving Him.