This blessed days and nights, everything and everyone in their color, their taste and their dialect string; embrace everything that softens, hülyalaştır and to depths exceeding our imagination is reached. Marketplace, home-temple of school-barracks almost everywhere sensed a deep magic, believers face in the shimmering uhrevîlik gaze drained from the divinity .. and especially during the night hours into our eyes beaming colorful lights, we always another buud be living in the tunes whisper . In their homes, work places, in temples we saw, we encountered each feature, always a reunion ride like living places, love u melâll time to time, the hopes and expectations fluctuate and a feeling cascade case came to flow to infinity. Especially in our hearts worship obedience enthusiasm increases, each Our ability to hear and experience something different than the nearly pulls into the ocean roar and our own. In such moments, all our religious and material nexus all weakened, our souls and ourselves to get rid of everyday relevance, the observation of total assets increased to a point where we think we will. Now Obama plains, mountains slopes, we neş’et in homes, places of worship in the climate we have prepared for the Hereafter; Sizing animate and inanimate everything in His hands flowing through came beauties as hugs, love, like oxygen in our lungs pulls and “oh” Thank you. every time a light flood nature, such as those radiant days and nights, the believers of the sitting-off and general common EDA spells at the faith, a virtue, a love and a ledünnîlik tüllen’s .. faith, ingenuity and love fed spiritually prepared, in all material pleasures and delights in front of the exit .. everyone has their own lore to the axis of a sacred horizon, take the right path starts .. this way, each a small reunion at the end of the day the catheter reaches the milestone and the traditions of this holy time is crowned. Their souls every day, such a reunion, and all these reunion associations of the great visal his dream feeds with the emotions flowing beauty of worship in the bosom of tomurcuklaş hopes of all who believed in the eyes and in the hearts cascade meaning from their gratification with the ledünnî a silence is embedded themselves away to meet the dreams of release and füsunl a river swimming in time, as üstülüğü opened think they are. anymore souls sought gratification sea reached this tâli’li every moment hearts in his eyes separately with a spell tüllen the ledünnî beauty and Valentine’s view opened in the flowers, she Gamal from being transmitted light beam, such as alternative hear .. hears and nearly themselves assorted fruits, roses, flowers üfül üfül blowing in a garden find and pluck the fruit, roses, flowers, over a lifetime threshold head they put a matter of fact the future of the catering with the temperature are entranced. They do not reach even here some of the blessings, the promise of a different buud come flowing breezes and reward that with wavelength in the world feeling like God’s infinite sense that they feel they are surrounded by the deep and eternal affection. This mood with life more different hears, more sincere lovers in circles, with her ​​contact-they can everything rikkatl embraces, lovingly caressed and just like a rose sniff. Women-men, teens-elders, who know-who do not know, straight people-wise, this bright day and night in the elegant of the elegant case and thin or fine manners only in fairy tales is a brighter way this blessed time of spiritual beauties assumes, that I believed like awe one like veil their faces hang eyes of the beyond with light opens closes, visited every place they own fragrance and dyes player, the feeling in the depths of nearly uhrevîleş and an angel are cut. People in their face, the minaret of the ridge, the lamps in the streets, though their gaze filtered scattered pearls, scattered thinks emotions; them to think and dream is seen as depicting the spiritual. Yeah; faith, love, desire and dreams of; hope, flavor and fluctuations of the reunion of the clean faces, the Borrower, the fans, are happy and quiet; but the mood in the meaning announcing attitudes, behaviors, gaze always to their environment, human lâhûtîlig inaccessible a buuu such as manifests and sezip understands the ritual spells. Some of us, this bright season, the usual narrow logic of our peeling, an a sacred realm invited ourselves as joy, enthusiasm, excitement We release and cry .. some of us among the stars, the sun Horsehead months would imagine we were going on a trip and faded to a pale involving our angels are doors to ZEHABE. So, can soften our hearts, our eyes will live; many times we feel their presence among us are relaxed and soul ukde impasse is resolved; Our tears have been saying since the depths of our soul into all the problems adds drag and our consciences “Oh, alleluia!” he says. Everyone fills their hearts to the extent of the vastness of the meaning, that “moment” of up to corporeality not been able to see because of the pressure begins to feel some depth; youth power, strength and fitness of the right feeling of giving the ramp is .. middle-aged experience and knowledge of the soul, afforded the margins than profitable tries to be .. elders, eternity, eternal happiness and the spirit of the flight of the realm to prepare for the emotions enthuse over .. and everyone of your heart opens its eyes, as if that “moment” could not feel up to hear their fate will hear a full, happy with his subordinate, or is directed to grieve and own your future; eyes, when present in the promising ones laugh and face mist mist overtones deepens.Mosques and minarets rising in şeâir proclaim sounds these general common ahwâl a different taste, a separate wealth adds .. so, now blowing from the wind rain everything to Him with the smell of our faces licks and since our hearts are like the elixir of immortality. Especially the morning wind! Especially the morning wind! He felt like a breath of eternity .. He leapt from the news and our hearts are like a blessing; jumpstart, because he directed such that to this magical minutes;faith, love and hope through our eternity, like the sap of truth comes to our mind is empty; Tuba in the depths of our soul-i Heaven fruit buds and stimulates us in our hearts always circulate on the slopes of heaven. Allah is always nice and gracious; but we, in this meaning more than a certain period of time we feel deeply. Yes, in some seasons counted chapter of our souls spring he pulls himself .. the beauty of our hearts all the excitement, feel the charm is at a level not strength .. and a separate grace us once again at any moment would reinstitute. I this blessed hearts, these roads needed to enjoy extent another pleasure will be found I do not anticipate .. I do not give, because this spiritual pleasure, human Divine love and bearing, with God’s infinite bestowed wavelength countenance stems from. And a far cry from the heart of the eternal love of people and to the extent that, and bestows His favor and nâmütenâhî is also unlimited. * Leak magazine’s February 1996 This article is taken from the number 205.