Nested in the world is experiencing depression. Humanity is restless and always gets up to sit with palpitations. No one positive thought about tomorrow. Hadith are blurred disrupt everyone in outburst, ambitions also black. Obscuring the face of the world with the cruel oppression, oppressed writhed in yeisl insolvency; No word yet what will comes to the rescue; “Cling” of shouting is not clear what they want. A lot of bloody hands and dirty faces, a lot of people against the brutal and shameless brazen Haktan .. and a lot more … We had mesâv let’s tackle them muttering;Ramadan once again appear as a full moon on the horizon towards quiet. Rather than already our horizons brightens like and temporarily even inside our one İnşirah there. humans with feelings, with thoughts of how dirty they get dirty matter, almost every Ramadan that magical rather than what to do with makes do them a sip offers light; Ask them to put up purifies the extent nurlandır-cake .. aptitude and self likens much anyone. Delete from our horizon fog-smoke. Otherworldly taste it with our hearts and neşve flows. Sparklers would be as light poured down from our head; AnlArImIzI relieve palpitations, softens harsh and combative that our thoughts. She immediately on each visit, which came down from heaven like a bench, then heavenly color; charm, the accent is in us to grow our souls and announcements. We’ll take it, it’s a monthly residency every arrival it up in the talismanic we find come, as it always fresh remain between us and the way a starved and hicran leaves in us .. we expect a year-long re-turn coming days. In fact, with fasting, Ramadan, with the sahura, Congregational against him with a habit of always, there is also a ülfet; in this regard, with the advent of a meaning can not be too astonished, astonishment at going to live. However, his only conscience by heard and foreseeable such a heavenly as well, that there are yummy purify our while our hearts Safvet stole our feelings even and on each visit us a brand new dialect very different things, explaining that direction with the job he never fade, color will not throw, dull or not the pall and the host does not; Unlike almost always a spring edasıyla income tüllen, then within us a ready feeling leaves it goes away. Yeah, that almost every year the heavens, a secret and magic come as ourselves being discharged earlier arrival is very different from a depth makes itself felt. We also each time it different, more finds füsunl extent we love and love. In fact, while he, months or days to play with play, jump to jump from season to season always comes by showing a difference; income of the seasons and the weather in our hearts, the color and pattern of the tüllen. Sometimes, it empties into the bosom of heavenly warmth profit-winter; sometimes integrating with the heat of the summer days remind us to give the right of our will and our determination, even in a meaning of prudence, our horizon indicates cardio and spiritual life; sometimes placed on the spring flowers such as dew and resurrection poem tells us; sometimes ready the gloom heavenly neşve the drilling us the temporal stenosis of the uhrevîlig spacious-Feza climates and takes away. We, the moon-sun sunrise and sunset, like the Magi with the account of his in the future when we are aware of; however, that, on each visit and come and surprise guests will experience a lot of us in the occurrence of: Replace one end of our lives; us eat and drink to go to bed, get up to intervene, the ability of our ability us spiritual practice like and whether action where all these jobs in our hearts heavens beyond the fidelity of the voice is. Almost every year, Ramadan coming, nearly heavens have landed somewhere would be like;lights in the streets, balconies that surround the lamps, the ridge between the minarets are, there-here places us flashed the sparkler stars of the firmament, as they reminded me of a meteor; that can examine, thinner and pure, like the angels, and all in all alignments of the believers in mosques appeared that deep, night life, spiritual fajr and iftar together with our hearts we were also stimulates the feeling. Indeed, the heart and soul to the horizon, which is a believer, every sahurda a separate feast live every iftar separate eagerly foams, every Congregational separate spiritual pleasures eda, and many times see and hear to what himself virtually a world of dreams thinks. Every time Gufran it tüllen this blessed month, the atmosphere those living in them the promise, as religions, the Diyanet so-so relationship that almost everyone on the different influences performs. One peculiar with the magic believing hearts of the border changes, their natures own paint player, sincerely believed to indoor-outdoor feel the mystery of the beyond and above corporeality people are hungry for ways to be different entities. Its advent, human feelings are constantly mâverâîlik muttered. Most of the other emotions such as aroma is almost everywhere sin. A month-long, this blessed time for us, we have not heard the deepest Sukût poems inşad, and faith, worship-they This lapse poems are the basic elements-hands giving prudence to our knowledge of the area over and temâşâs non-satisfaction What a magical horizon opens. sun almost always different of the beam at a wavelength of overall relations with an assortment of goods as found in the month of Ramadan in the realms beyond the skies, supply-, supply-and private with different effects at every moment through the hearts of the believers is revealed; kingdom is the realm of the sun rather than a spirit of layers on each side, a meaning, a füsun will emit; The right to open their hearts and their depth and their ledünnîlik announcement of the vaccines. In this way, nearly, world-UKBA revenue side; obedience worship from one to the other, since it also stops on the charity and abundance flows. In this case, people and emotions so deep reverie that warning, nothing in the world can not be so beautiful and so magical.Sometimes the temple lamp light discharged from the sounds mingling with our heads down in almost all of us are drained our hearts pounding, thereby yielding a condition that dazzle our eyes, that we were in this magical atmosphere we never want to leave. I leave our hearts will always hit what was happening there. Ramadan every day we hear of a feast neşve, inter-tidal our home-work-temple always feel her warmth, uhrevîlik rushes to the opening reverie; Mabee runs in places, endeavor to overcome our remoteness from our Lord, prayer and charity niyazl strengthens our tendency, in repentance and spiritual istiğfarl are trying to rid themselves of dirt; Right in your face all day and night stance is regarded as a separate chapter on liquidation and are nearly change the color of life. Thus our life ceases to be a puzzle puzzler; inhaled, heard and is a pleasure flowing in us, we can not get enough of the taste turns into a beauty. Especially, prayer and a standing of it crackles sound, mosques fascinates spiritual air, male and female, young and old everyone attended the Congregational respect of the accent Ramadan “sehla-i mümt NEW” it is a deliciousness reach that, it fully hear those living on earth, they appeared in the sky residents with the same side of the paylaşıyormuşça very different considerations to the branch and are entranced. Ramadan sometimes shrines-it’s a bit of persons derûnîlig depends on-such a deep uhrevîlik wraps, the people there from the minarets rising tones Suzannah on the lips like being dumped religions; distinguished by a full PAYE Naib Imam and Caliph sees; right-left people saw the Prophet blessed as I would imagine, is excited soaking; will be discharged with tears, and he himself thinks of Heaven as a step in since.though I now also such a thrill, and it’s dimensions would stay away from the vast considerations. I know where I am no kind of any temple, neighborhood quite cold, as well as of uhrevîlik a highly dull people. You never hear that magical sound of the minarets here; prayer niche and shrines in us not as colorful and vibrant; more nearly disparate people. In this regard I, miles away Whether you, he always our uhrevîlikl the tüllen our mosques them lebâleb filled Rights faithful servants, they are in awe, respect and like awe thinking that a drop of Ramadan bizce solace in trying to be. I seem to hear up to the portico outside the overflowing congregation that dupdur pale; Greetings blessings in tervîh chapters, their sincerity and friendliness in the humming sound. Sometimes, I had imagined that a singer in the old days it settled in its entirety photos come alive again; In the meantime, I also close my eyes and listens to my feelings; myself or the beginning of a fountain, or as pure as angels tied it gleaming among the people, or at a podium, or on an altar, envision, and I’m trying to share what is going on there; works and sometimes the temple, from sometimes minarets rising from it pure and clean voice of the, words, there different images and fascinates scenes my share to get nearly the same excitement I live. Right stay as long as, the spiritual grace and taste to envision the love of those days, those nights all the time to think ; imaginary universe worth it “eyyâmullah” s feelings, excitement and love with love, right now where I am as a rather dark and quite quiet, lonely now longing and hicran iron or the homesickness minutes, the lighting will work and what meaning whatsoever consistently with excitement effervesced stopped it nurlu of time to do one day come back I will wait forever … * This article, Rain magazine’s October-November-December 2003, the number 21 is taken from.